It’s Real.

If I were running as much as my mind has in the past 2 weeks, I’d be halfway to China.

I knew it would be stressful to buy our first home so I’m not too surprised at how busy it’s been. Not to mention we have an out of state move sneaking up in 8 weeks! We still have 2 flights left this summer, too.

My wallet says ouch, but my heart is a flutter closer to peace.

We chose a beautiful home a few weeks back and I can’t stop day dreaming. It’s a quaint 4 bedroom house in a small town in Texas. It shouted my name from the get-go and I can’t wait to move in with my family.

But of course, until then, we must endure the struggles of finance. Bleh.

Fortunately, Christian and I had a saving account with enough to put down a portion of closing costs to our lender. Check.

Then came the home inspection costs. Check.

Next will be our appraisal fee when all contracts are signed and submitted.

It’s been rough. Seeing our accounts being liquidated. It’s been tense, but we’re still safe. Thanks to savings.

We work as a family to get where we want to be. We learn to understand eachother and not to rip eachother’s throats out lol.

After all, what’s marriage without it?

I can’t wait to document our move to share more work with you. There is so much to look forward to.

Happy adventuring!

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