Uncertainty of it All

Working my direct sales business has been incredible. I’m not only saying that because I want you to believe it, it really has.

I signed up to be a Color Street stylist in late October and stopped somewhere around Christmas. I became discouraged because I wasn’t getting very much attention from customers. They did not see what I saw. I came in with the impression that if I advertised the way everyone else was, I’d make big bucks.

I tried that for about 2 months and failed. I was so close to giving up until February. I did one “last” event. Then I got a decent amount of publicity and my entire perspective on direct sales changed. It was no longer about doing it like everyone else.

It was about me doing it MY way. After all, it is MY business right?

Well, I’m pleased to report that business has boomed ever since.

The new Color Street spring line was released and I got so many new customers from just handing out samples and stepping out of my shell. I explained why I loved it and why it worked for ME.

Personal growth in sales was never a thing I though I would do. I did not want to become that sales person that annoys everyone. The reason one might become so “sales-y” on advertising is the enthusiasm they show for the product. I love these things so much I sometimes wish there was a different way to grab attention on social media. But there just isn’t very much we can use right now.

So, personal development has played a huge role. I am grateful that it has given me more confidence, stamina, and a drive to chase things. I am my own influencer.

Since I came back to selling, I have more than doubled my commission and grown my team. I try to personally coach on different sales approaches when I can.

I still work full time (sometimes part time) on an outside job and I have an almost 2 year old. But I love that Color Street is there for me when I am not working. It is fun, quirky, and has definitely paid off. Not to mention I have made amazing friends with it.

I’m glad that I am still part of it and succeeding. It is one of the more honest DS companies and it  provides an honest product. Something that I advertise with pride. I’m glad other ladies are joining me. We will all rock our businesses together.

The uncertainty of it all used to drive my anxiety through the roof. Now I don’t even pay attention to it. I have fun selling a product that I love and personally developing myself every week.

This journey is a great one.

Happy Adventuring! And cheers to personal growth!

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