Time to Fly…Again

So far our family has 3 trips planned this summer. Which can be exciting, but also dreadful.

I began travelling with Olivia when she was about 3 months old. Now, as you can imagine, she started sleeping less and less as she got older.

Our last flight was dreadful and made me regret not buying her a ticket for her own seat. We were crammed in the middle seat and she was extremely fussy. But, hey. Now I know for next time.

Our first flight is scheduled for a wedding this coming May. I will be ordinating my 3rd wedding for a family friend and her fiance! Now because of work and leaving the husband behind, it will be a quick 2-night, 3-day trip.

I know. I’m crazy for doing that with a toddler right?!

I started with purchasing my ticket 6 weeks in advance. I bought it on a Sunday night, where I happened to find a great deal right before airline prices would rise. I got a round trip ticket for less than 200.00 USD


Flights from the PNW to the South can be ridiculous so you better believe I did a happy dance!

I typically book my flights through Southwest Airlines

SWA has an open seating policy as well as 2 free checked bags and carry on bag! Active duty and families with kids under the age of 7 also get priority boarding. I think that is almost every airline though. But i’m really in it for the open seating policy. I get the best spot for Olivia and I to travel comfortably.

There is always Travelocity.

This engine can book your flights through multiple airlines. Which will most likely have a seating assignment. Boo. But if it’s cheaper whatever!

**Military Families: ALWAYS call the airline to secure the cheaper fare. Military fare might actually be higher than the “Wanna Get Away” fare that Southwest Airlines offers. It does not hurt to check. Save some $$$!!

I also recommend the Low Fare Calendar SWA has to offer. It gives you alternative dates and prices that could save you some more $$$.

Another flight search engine is Cheap-O Air. They are not my favorite but again, it doesn’t hurt to check.

Our next trip is scheduled for the week of July 4th! I will yet again be headed back South, this time with the whole gang, for my cousins wedding.

But not only for a wedding. Also to close on a house, fingers crossed!

Our home search will extend our trip, making it hopefully a full week. Christian, my husband, will be coming along and that really helps with travel. Though at this point we will have to purchase Olivia’s ticket since she will already be over 2-years-old. Crazy.

I plan on purchasing that ticket yet again 6 or more weeks in advance.

A short 2 weeks after that trip, we are headed down to beautiful Las Vegas for my Color Street business convention as well as some needed adult time. Hotel has already been reserved and half way paid off! Now just to secure the flights (6 weeks or more ahead of time) and we can check another thing off of our expense list 🙂

We will only be there 2 nights, and 3 days. It’s both Christian and I’s first time visiting Nevada and we’re both so excited.


Lastly, we will be moving approximately a week after our Las Vegas trip.

We will be moving back South! This trip will be approximately 5-6 days long and Olivia will not be doing it with us as of now. She is scheduled to fly home with my mom to save her the achy bottom and frustration. Those flights will also be booked shortly.

Christian and I will drive all the way from Washington to Texas and start anew in a new home! Hopefully our forever home. EEEEEKK!


Now that’s only a few of the major things on our agenda. We have tiny things planned here and there that we can’t wait to share!

We’re busy bumbling bees in this household, haha.

Tips on travel coming soon!

Happy Adventuring.


-Mary C.

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