In 6 months, I have had 4 different job titles.

  1. Certified Nurse Assistant
  2. Deliver Driver
  3. Reception/Administrative Assistant
  4. Color Street Stylist

As I have mentioned before, I don’t really know what I want to study any more. So I’m trying to test the waters and just kind of go with the flow. It has it’s ups and downs like any other job. And I have been lucky enough to be more than well off financially. I have the freedom to explore these different job titles.

The one thing that has been the hardest on me is the pressure that today’s society puts on a person. “You must have your degree already” , “You must not be smart” , “A strong personality will get you where you want to be”.

We all see the make up artist, MUA, on Instagram. We want to be her and have her face. We see the super fit girl on Facebook live showing her daily workout or yoga poses. We begin to try and change to be them. Why? I am not saying that any of these things are wrong. I am simply asking, is that really what is for YOU?

God created us in his image. That’s something my pastor talks about regularly.

-Preach it pastor Casey!

You need to try to be more like God. Treat others the way you want God to treat you.

All of this is easier said than done.

I have gotten the cold shoulder multiple times. I never was the person I am now. My past is full of things I maybe should have toned down. Maybe my past has negatively affected my future. BUT IT’S OKAY.

Just because someone has taken a rude tone with me, or simply ignores me, or perhaps insults the way I look, does NOT mean I will let it affect me. My demeanor allows me to process things in a more calm way. It has taken lots of practice, but it has paid off.


My answer:

People trying to be like the wrong neighbor. The wrong version of themselves. Do not give in to the cruelty and negativity others have to offer. You do not have to agree with everything they say.

I still need to look in the mirror and question what exactly i’m providing to the world. I get up everyday for work wondering if I should quit. If anyone would miss me. Then I’m like “Mary, wtf are you saying. Get your a** to work, lol”.

Can you believe that there are people in this world who want you to believe that you do not deserve to be happy? Who only want to see themselves succeed and not you.

THE ONLY PERSON THAT CAN BRING YOU DOWN IS YOU. I am trying extremely hard to not let comments get to me. You would think they are just from complete strangers but they are from friends and family, too.

I keep my chin up, smile and pray that God provides me with some guidance and strength. But that is not all I pray for. I also THANK God for giving me strength to make it through a day. For providing me with a breath to see my little girl every morning, and to swim in the glories of shopping lol.

So to you who does not have life figured out, and you’re watching someone in the frame you want to be in, keep your head up. Live with grace, patience, and a will to be the best you. Trust in yourself and no one else. They do not dictate whether you get to succeed or not. You will figure things out, and until then, you will take what this world has to offer.

Happy adventuring. Cheers to the best you!


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