My Favorite Lunch Spots.

Let’s throw the ole traditional sandwich lunch out the window this week. Take a short trip with me to small joints in Western WA.

We don’t like to go to the same places so we venture out and try something new quite often.

Here are a few of my favorites.

    1. Curry House. Cuisine of India

    The curry house was actually the first place I gave Indian food a go. It’s a small joint located about a mile from interstate 5 in Lacey, WA. I wasn’t too sure what to order but I figured the Tiki chicken masala was worth a shot. It was a lunch special and boy did I make a good choice. It was plated in what reminded me of a school tray and came with a side of fresh naan bread. Extremely satisfying.

    2. House of Pho

    House of Pho was amazing. Their menu was not overwhelming and the boba tea was delicious. They do not over serve. I’ve noticed their “noodle-to-broth” ratio was spot on. Olivia also loved the pho. It was a great atmosphere and not very crowded. House of Pho is located in Lakewood, WA

    3. La Casa De Sharon

    This Hispanic food joint makes me feel right at home. Their menu is a bit overwhelming but you can grab anything from lunch, to dessert. The owners are extremely nice and seem to really care about their customers. I had the corn on the cob, smoothie, and Christian had something similar to Frito pie…but Mexican Frito pie. Anywho…it’s delicious and worth a shot. La Casa De Sharon is located in Tacoma, WA.

    These 3 joints were all inexpensive, authentic, and close to JBLM. Be sure to check them out! Happy adventuring!


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