Color Street. Why I joined.

Directs Sales businesses are not very popular now a days. They have a bad rep among the public. I knew that and learned it first hand when Christian and I joined Amway MLM in 2014. They offered what seemed like great product but mostly focused on recruiting.

So I was a skeptic when any other DS business asked me to join.

Then, I heard of Color Street. Less than a year old, awesome stuff, and the fact that it was so new told me I should jump at the opportunity.

It’s true when people say you can sell something you’re passionate about. I’ve never been a girly-girl but I was all about how quick they were to apply and how much I was making on commission. Not to mention they aren’t vinyl (plastic). 100% nail polish that’s cute and affordable.

These things are bomb. Kid friendly, and no time wasted on letting regular nail polish dry. They are also free of some harsh chemicals regular nail polish has.

If you’ve seen the Incoco brands at Wal-Mart, those are our sister brand. They are cheaper, and they don’t last as long. They are currently being discontinued in stores and we’ll be the only sellers of our better formula and more styles. Cool huh?

Now, what’s in it for me besides cuteness?

-25% Commission

-Countless giveaways from our directors

-A sisterhood with other nail strip lovers.

-FREE nail strips after certain quotas.

You also get your website free for the first 2 months!. It’s only a small $10.00 fee monthly after that.

ALWAYS Buy 3 Get 1 Free in Solid, Glitter, and Nail art Styles AND Buy 1 Get 1 Free in French Tip styles.

Shop or join here.

The starter kit costs $129.00. It includes 7 nail strip sets, over 50 samples, nail files, catalogues, a calendar, bag, cuticle pushers, alcohol pads, nail polish remover pads, and order forms.

Normally, every stylist makes their money back with just the welcome kit. That’s what I love.

Even if it doesn’t work for you, you still sell something that isn’t a rip off. And keep the commission.

I’ve been with Color Street a short 5 months and I never thought I’d get as far as I have. Without trying I’ve sold nearly 1,000.00 in product. Less than part time work. Not bad. I’ve made many friends and I have great customers.

If you love Color Street and think it might be for you, go for it. We are still in the founding stage. We will be a year old in June and we will have our convention in Las Vegas in July which I am so excited for.

Find me at local events, shoot me an email, or simply comment. I’d love for you to try a few samples on or hell you with joining my sales team.

Happy adventuring!

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