3 Things That Happen When Your Spouse Goes Away On A Deployment/Training Cycle

As a military spouse of 4 years, I’ve been through my share of deployments/training cycles with Christian. Now I’m no expert, but for new military spouses, these are things you can expect. 

1. Food Goes Bad- Bleh!

Those fruits and veggies you bought just before he left? Yeah most are going into the garbage/compost. Soldiers eat a TON. There’s no way Olivia and I will finish all the produce ourselves.  So, prepare ahead of time. Buy only what you need before/after he leaves. ALWAYS eat before grocery shopping. It will limit the amount of junk you buy, I promise. Or see if anyone in the community is in need. On military installations I have noticed that there is always someone with financial hardship who is asking for food.

TIP: Check your fridge/pantry bi-weekly and check expiration dates. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve reached to make something and it’s expired (sad face).

2. You Acquire A Routine

If you’re like me, you cook and may leave the dishes for the next day. When Christian leaves, there is no time to wait. I’m using less dishes, washing less clothes, and cleaning after one less person. Everything gets done so much easier. Sorry babe, ha. An example of my routine goes a bit like this:

7:30- Good Morning

8:00- Daycare Drop-off

8:30-11:30- Gym/work (varies)

12:00- Lunch

4:30- Daycare Pick-up

5:30- Snack/Prepare Dinner

6-6:30: Eat Dinner

9:00- Bath&Bedtime

And it practically stays like this the whole time. Chores get done in between dinner and bedtime.

When your spouse gets home, it can seem chaotic and very, very off. But rest assured in 1-2 weeks you two will work together to get things done.

TIP: Take turns every other week on chores when he gets back. This gives you a “time-out” on the non stop cleaning. But be REASONABLE.

3. You Think Of All The “Could Be’s”

More than often we get annoyed by our significant others. Eespecially if you live under the same roof. When they’re gone, you miss all of the noise.

Every time Christian leaves we can’t stop apologizing for how naggy we are to each other. Do NOT take the time you have before a deployment/training cycle for granted. This cannot be stressed enough. There can never be too many hugs/kisses given because as the weeks go by you are going to wish you multiplied the ones you did get/give by a million. No matter how short the time. Sleeping next to an empty pillow is not fun, but knowing that you left on good terms can help ease the pain and grow the love.

TIP: Have a date a day or two before the deployment/training cycle. The time we have on this earth is limited, and tomorrow is unknown. Take the time you do have and focus on each other!

These may or may not happen to you but they are good things to think about to save you money and a piece of mind! Questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out below. Happy adventuring!



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