Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron

I’ve been luck enough to have received free boxes through friend referrals. In advance I apologize for not taking more pictures while unpacking or preparing. I did not know I would want to review it, haha.

I got my first Hello Fresh box last year in December, 2017. It was my first dinner subscription box and I was super excited. The shipping took only 1 day, to stay fresh, and you could customize your meals as well. It takes you back $104.88 with free shipping for a 3 meal per week family plan.

Every meal was packaged individually and the meats were packaged at the bottom with 2 large cooler packs.

Everything was supplied for the meal minus oil, and salt and pepper.

20171221_181817 (1).jpg

All three meals that I prepared were delicious! And not to mention super easy to make. The instructions were fool proof and very organized.20171220_173142 (1)


Blue Apron on the other hand, was not my favorite, recipe wise. Like Hello Fresh, the packaging was similar. Organized and kept “fresh”.  We got our first box in February, 2018.

20180207_120703 (1)20180207_120726


I did not get to take pictures of the contents because I was in such a hurry, but some of my produce was not “fresh” as guaranteed. My scallions were just about perished and so was a Cara Cara orange that was sent.

Overall, I was not impressed with the dishes and the instructions. The instructions seemed to crowd the page and bounce all around. I gave one meal away just because I did not want to deal with reading them, haha. It takes you back $107.88 per week for the 3 recipe per week family plan.


So the obvious winner for me was…


Hello Fresh!


It won in:

  • Recipe Options
  • Freshness
  • Easy Directions
  • Price

I would definitely order again! I could have just not chosen the right recipes, but in my experience this was the result.

Which subscription boxes do you recommend? Comment below. Happy adventuring!


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