“Me Time”

This past Saturday my daycare offered a “Me Time”. This gives parents a time to unwind on a weekend without the kiddos. It is something that comes around once every other month and is one of the many great perks of our daycare.

Now if you know me, you know that Christian is away at training. I was super bummed that we did not get to take this day together, but the Army calls. So, here’s what I did that day.

“Me Time” was scheduled from 10am-3pm sharp. I woke up that day still not knowing what to do. Most women will ask “Why didn’t you go to the salon, or a movie?”. The answer is this: I’d rather go to the salon closer to when Christian is supposed to get home to look fresh (haha). As for the movies, I just knew I would pick a movie that would make me cry and I’d be the weirdo that comes out alone with the puffy eyes missing my husband 100x more. So no. Count me out.

I dropped off Olivia at 10 am and went to the gym. I hadn’t been all month and I knew I was putting it off too long. The family gym was closed for the weekend so I took a trip to McVeigh, the larger gym on Fort Lewis Main post. I stayed for maybe and hour. My workout included:

  1. 20 minutes- Treadmill
  2. 20 minutes- Abs
  3. 10 minutes- Cool Down
  4. 10 minutes- Dry Sauna


Next I paid a visit to my great friend, Moriah, at Trapper’s Sushi in Parkland. She’s a manager there and she hooked it up. I’m normally clueless when it comes to sushi since I’ve had it maybe 3 times.

I was recommended the Rock & Roll and I probably finished it in a good 2 minutes, haha. That’s how good it was. I also got to try the fried octopus that Christian raved about.

By this time is was around 12:30pm. So I decided to end my time at the mall. I grabbed 2 tops at Old Navy and a new face cleanser from Clinique.

That mall time seemed to disappear so quickly. Before I knew it it was time to go so I could beat the I-5 traffic and make it on time for pick up.

Olivia had a great time! It was a less traditional day at daycare and she had her face painted, a baggie of snacks, and she painted a Happy Valentine’s Day card.

Thank you to the staff at Growing Tots Childcare and miss Mio for setting this day up. It was definitely nice to have an extra day for myself and an extra day of fun for Olivia.


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